Tourist Spot

Soaring Mt. Fuji visible across Suruga Bay, the gorgeous setting sun of Nishiizu,
and too many other scenic locations to mention.
Enjoyable seasonal events are held throughout the year at its theme parks, which take advantage of the rich natural features, its unique art galleries, and many other tourist resources.

1Atami City Tourism Association
Atami Castle on the top of Mt. Nishikigaura. The observation deck at the top of the castle keep, Atami's finest viewpoint, lets you enjoy a 360º view of the scenery. Famous for its cherry blossoms in the spring, it is a great place to feel like the lord of the castle as you view fireworks in the summer.

This single cone volcano has its 300m diameter crater at its 580m high peak. You can ride a lift to the peak of Mt. Omuro to enjoy a view of the sea off Izu, of Gojinka on Oshima Island, the Izu Seven Islands, Hakone, Mt. Fuji, and the mountains extending to Amagi.

In this forest provided as a place for recreation of local people and visitors, you can enjoy cherry-blossom viewing and the orchards, a 54m slide, and pathways for strolling. The view from the lookout terrace is the best way to see the east coast scenery.

4Kawazu Tourist Association
Imaihama and the Kawazuhama Coast are beautiful coastlines accompanied by shoals in Izu. Because they are near and easily reached from the station, they are popular spots. Every year they are crowded with visitors who have come to bathe in the sea.

There are many facilities for tourists, including the Shimoda Floating Aquarium, Shimoda Ropeway, and sightseeing boat Izu Cruise. You can also enjoy the scenery at Shimoda Park with its clear view of Shimoda Port, and at Cape Tsumeki, a view of the ocean expanses.

On the sand coast with its white sand and green pines, this approximately 1,200 m long arched beach has been selected as one of Japan's 100 best beaches. It is the perfect coastline for swimming in the summer.

7Matsuzaki town Tourist Association
Iwashina School (National Cultural Heritage Site) was constructed in 1880, making it the oldest school in Izu. It has been designated as an important cultural property in recognition of its syncretic western and Japanese design.

8Nishiizu town Tourist Association
The Dogashima Tensodo Cave is a natural monument. Visitors are moved by the mysterious scene created by bands of light protruding into the dark cave from holes opened in its ceiling reflecting cobalt blue on the surface of the ocean.

9Mishima Tourist Association
Yamanaka Castle Ruin was a mountain castle constructed in Warring States period, and has been adjusted as a park now. Yamanaka Castle Festival is held here in May. The views of Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay from here are spectacular.

10Kannami town Tourist Association
The strange festival of Izu, the Kannami Neko-odori (Cat dance) started based on a local folk-tale. People costumed and painted as cats perform, and all people enjoy the dancing. As the finale, fireworks ornament the night sky.

On days when the weather is good, gorgeous views of Mt. Fuji can be seen. When Mt. Fuji is snow-covered in the winter, the view is incredibly worthwhile.

This tourist spot is a sister cape to Lover's Cape in Guam. The Love Call Bell is installed on the lookout with its view of the Southern Alps and Mt. Fuji. It is said that ringing the bell three time guarantees eternal love.

13Numazu Tourist Information Center
Japan's largest sluice gate was constructed by Shizuoka Prefecture for protection from tsunamis. With it lookout located 30m above ground level it provides a grand view of soaring Mt. Fuji and broad Suruga Bay. Its nightly illumination is a spectacular sight.